From MBG:

Beauty begins within. I put so much care and attention into the foods I  eat and the ingredients I use so I can feel beautiful both inside and  out, and the same goes for my beauty regimen. I’m often asked what my  beauty routine is, and my response is always the same: I keep my routine  simple, but the most important part isn’t actually about what I’m  putting on my face—it’s making sure that I approach my skincare from the  inside out. I love finding products that source ingredients directly  from Mother Earth.  (Read more.)

Here is an article on coconut oil as a health and beauty product. From Better Mind, Body, Soul:

The  delicate skin of your face will thank you for an application of coconut  oil. It helps moisturize and bring balance to both oily and dry skin.  You can use it as a face wash as well, either as a stand-alone and  followed up with your own wash, or added to your regular routine to take  advantage of the antibacterial properties.  (Read more.)