From Jen's Reviews:

 When I think of crêpes, I think of lazy weekends, Parisian  jazz and, for some reason, Saturday morning cartoons! But what is a  crêpe? A crêpe is really just a thin pancake! There are two types of  crêpes — sweet and savoury. Since it’s pretty easy to make sweet  breakfast or dessert crêpes (the Nutella and strawberry route can never  do you wrong!), that being said, the most difficult part is not in the  making of the stuffing, but in the making of the actual crêpe itself,  and probably deciding how you’re going to choose to fold and envelope  your stuffing. This is the perfect recipe for weekend brunches or a  simple romantic dinner. Traditional crêpes are normally made with very simple ingredients,  like flour, milk, eggs and butter, that most people probably already  have stocked up in their pantry. Getting the ratios of the ingredients  just right and getting the hang of the swishing of the batter in the pan  is what will make for a perfect, fluffy and delicate crêpe, that and a  really good non stick pan! (Read more.)