From ASDS:

 As dry, cooler air arrives, skin may lose precious moisture. Autumn also  provides an opportunity to recover from the summer toll on the skin  left by sun, chlorine and saltwater.

Do list for autumn skin

• Do exfoliate and moisturize: It’s best to apply moisturizer directly  after a bath or shower to help seal in and replenish the skin with the  necessary water and oils.

• Do protect your lips. Continue to protect against the sun’s  ultraviolet rays. But also start moisturizing now to prevent dry,  cracked lips this winter.

• Switch from lotion to cream. As the air becomes drier, skin needs a  thicker moisturizer. Creams provide a stronger oily barrier to provide  hydration.

• Invest in hand cream. Hands often become dry and cracked during the  winter. Start moisturizing hands now to ensure soft and healthy hands  all winter long.

Don’t list for autumn skin

• Don’t forget the sunscreen: Even though the temperatures seem cooler  and the days shorter, children and adults should continue to apply  sunscreen before heading out.  (Read more.)

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