Oil  of Frankincense, lavender essential oil and rose geranium essential oil  are all helpful for fading age spots if used regularly. My night cream  has the oils of frankincense and lavender and the day cream has the rose  geranium oil and the lavender as well. The coconut oil in the creams acts as a carrier oil to render the oils more effective. According to Health Watch List:

Since age spots have no effect on health, there’s no immediate or  necessary need to treat them. If though, the age spots are something you  would rather not have or if they appear in areas you would rather not  have them, treating age spots with essential oils is more gentle and  natural on your skin. Essential oils will not have numerous adverse  effects unlike most of the conventional treatments out there for age  spots.Essential oils can also have other benefits as well, other  than treating your age spots. Some essential oils can be highly  moisturizing to your skin or can help with skin wrinkles. There are many  different oils that can help with age spots, all of them at varying  degrees. Keep in mind that some people might be allergic to specific  oils, so always test them on a small area first if you have not used  them before. 

 • Direct Application: Essential oils can be applied directly with a  Q-tip only to the age spots over a period of time to get the desired  effect. • Massage: Essential oils can be massaged with the hands into the skin area where there are age spots. • Carrier Oils: Essential oils should always be mixed with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or apricot oil. (Read more.)

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