The French way of beauty is one which emphasizes nature, health, and simplicity. An effective skincare regimen is considered more important than make-up, including outdoor exercise and a good night's sleep. Be slightly disheveled, and never too perfect. From The Every Girl:

When planning what beauty products or tools are worth the investment,  Parisians put all their money into keeping their skin naturally radiant  and clear, rather than on good foundations or concealers. Beauty  routines are rituals. Even baths are more than just to clean up, because  oils, salts, or herbs are always added to bathwater to increase the  beauty benefits and efficiency. The best part is if you lack talent in  makeup application (like I have a creeping suspicion that most of us  do), no one ever has to know. Au natural is the only way to go. 

Parisian Mathilde Thomas, the founder of international beauty brand Caudalie, has studied the beauty habits of both her homeland and the United States. In her book, “The French Beauty Solution,” she  notes the major differences in beauty between both countries. Most  crucially, in France, the idea of beauty is something to bring you joy  and pleasure. Oppositely, Americans often talk about juice cleanses,  crash diets, laser treatments, and invasive facials, all in the name of  chasing beauty. Parisian skincare and beauty routines are more centered  around feeling good both in self-confidence and in energy and  happiness. So if your get-gorgeous motto is “pain is beauty,” perhaps  rethink your routine and how it could be kinder, gentler, easier, and  more enjoyable for you. (Read more.)

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