Coconut oil is one of the main ingredients in my creams and in the cleanser. It fights aging by tightening the skin and helping it to stay firm. It helps to heal blemishes by increasing the collagen and by the antioxidant and antibacterial activity. From The Fashion Spot:

It starts with saturated fatty acids that  are inherent in organic, natural coconut oil. If you decide to give it a  try, do make sure you’re buying unprocessed varieties that haven’t been  deodorized or treated in any other way. Look for “organic” and “virgin”  on the label. The type of fatty acids in coconut oil work in some very  real, beneficial ways for your skin. They help retain your skin’s  natural moisture, unlike many moisturizers on the market that contain  water, often stripping skin’s moisture. Coconut oil works as a topical  lotion with no added chemicals or preservatives. The second benefit  comes from three specific fatty acids that have strong anti-fungal and  antimicrobial properties. A third benefit is vitamin E, which has long  been known to keep skin healthy and have anti-aging benefits.  Furthermore, coconut oil contains proteins that help with skin cell  health. (Read more.)

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