From Slice:

For French women, beauty begins at your “base”--which is to say, with  your natural features: skin, body and hair. Have you ever noticed how  these natural beauties seem to just radiate that youthful glow? It all  starts with healthy, hydrated skin. Since the makeup trend for these  women has long been “less is more,” they see skin care as a critical  component of their beauty routine. The way they see it, the more  beautiful your natural base, the less you need to do.  

Mireille Guiliano, author of bestselling book French Women Don’t Get Fat,  puts skin hydration at the top of her list of beauty secrets. She  recommends drinking a full glass of water before bed and again  immediately after waking up. Not only is this your skin's best weapon of  defense, but it also works wonders for your diet, as we will often  reach for empty calories when we mistake our body’s thirst for hunger. (Read more.)

And the importance of cleansing from Well and Good. To quote:

Hanifin always uses an old-fashioned roll of cotton sprayed  with distilled water to wash her face—never a towel. “Your towels have  been through the rinse cycle mixed with detergent,” she says. “So when  you put it on your face, you’re patting on detergent. And if you use  fabric softener, it’s like putting your clothes in perfume—it’s too  strong and irritating for the skin.” With her signature method, however,  Hanifin says she’s helped her clients clear their rosacea and acne. “It  calms the skin right down,” she says. When I meet with Hanifin, I see firsthand how effective these  simple tools can be. Hanifin applies some of her milk cleanser to my  face, then wipes it off with a cotton square. I’ll admit, I’m impressed  when I looked in the mirror: My complexion is even and  hydrated. Bonus: Using the cloud-like cotton feels amazing. (Read more.)