Trianon Bouquet Beauty Products are now available internationally, not just in America. To estimate the cost of shipping, just click under the price where it says "shipping to" and Etsy will figure it out. Meanwhile, we have been receiving positive feedback from customers about how the creams are helping them to survive the frigid temperatures. One young lady with dry rough cracked hands says the the Midnight Bouquet Night Cream is the only thing that really helps her skin to heal. The cream can also be used on dry elbows and feet, and as a hair masque on stressed hair.

Now, here is a hint on how to best make use of the cleanser: after applying it to the face with warm water, gently remove it with a wash cloth. Then remove the residue with a cotton ball and your favorite  toner or astringent. I recommend Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel. You will be amazed at all the dirt that comes off  of your face! And your skin feels so clean afterwards. If you want the  effect of a face masque, then leave the cleanser on for five or ten  minutes, then remove it as described above. 

Once again, I want to remind people that the creams and cleanser are made of natural ingredients which may vary slightly in color and consistency from batch to batch. This is because the products are made in my kitchen rather than in a factory or in a laboratory, with pure and natural ingredients and without preservatives or alcohol. There may also be some sensitivity to extremes of heat and cold in which the consistency of the cream is a bit harder or softer. However, the effects of the creams on the skin is the same.