Taking care of oneself is not vanity or selfishness, because we need to be at our best in order to fulfill the duties of our state in life. Rest is important, including quiet time for meditation, and daily exercise is vital, especially as one gets older. From Wonder Forest:

Although your eagerness to invest in your  professional development, education or other forms of self-growth is  admirable, you need to know when it’s time to turn in. Spending hours  every day overwhelmed by stress and responsibilities, your body requires  ample rest to be able to cope with the next day’s challenges.  Creating a sleeping schedule that is in  accordance with your natural circadian rhythm will protect your immune  system, ensure you have plenty of energy, and keep your mood at an  all-time high. You will definitely notice improvements even after a  single night of decent sleep, but only turning it into a habit will make  a lasting difference.  

 Soft colours, plenty of clean space and  no clutter is what your mind, body and soul are craving in order to find  peace. Whichever space you use daily for the majority of your time, be  it your office, your kitchen or your living room, re-think those  environments with tranquility in mind. When you provide yourself with a soothing space, you make room for creativity, positivity and serenity to flow. Surround yourself with natural materials  such as wood and stone, especially for those larger pieces that dominate  your space, and enrich your rooms with greenery instead of useless  gadgets and knickknacks. Minimalism is a perfect way to de-clutter your  life, thus providing yourself with that much-needed Zen to restore your  health and wellbeing.  (Read more.)

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