In response to requests from customers, the Morning Bouquet Beauty Cream now comes in a larger jar, 4 oz instead of 2 oz. I have also taken to whipping it as I do the night cream to make it fluffier. Other than that, the ingredients are the same, as well as the lovely radiant glow it leaves on the skin. I have had to raise the price of the Morning Bouquet to $19.99, but you will notice that I have lowered the price of the Midnight Bouquet Beauty Cream. The Trianon Bouquet set is still $34.99, but you will be getting more for your money. 

Plus,  starting now and throughout the month of December, I will be including a FREE jar of the new Grotto Facial Cleanser with all orders of the day cream or night cream or both. I have a limited number of jars, so order soon. Now, here is a hint on how to best make use of the cleanser: after applying it to the face with warm water, gently remove it with a cool wash cloth. Then remove the residue with a cotton ball and your favorite toner or astringent. You will be amazed at all the dirt that comes off of your face! And your skin feels so clean afterwards. If you want the effect of a face masque, then leave the cleanser on for five or ten minutes, then remove it as described above.

By the way, FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders continues until Christmas!!