I use rose geranium essential oil in both the Morning Bouquet Facial Treatment and the Grotto Facial Cleanser because its fragrance is both calming and uplifting, helping the day to start well. The scent of rose geranium is similar to that of a rose but more mysterious, almost like the soul of a rose. From Floracopeia:

The cooling, uplifting rose-scented geranium from South Africa has long  been adored both for the delicious complexity of its bouquet and for the  broad range of its applications. Boasting an emphatic, fragrant mix of  rose and citrus, this variety of geranium is harvested from the leaves  and flowers of the organic Pelargonium roseum plant. Geranium’s  versatility as an essential oil is well-known amongst perfumers and  aromatherapists alike. As a premier cooling oil, rose geranium assists  in promoting vitality for the entire family, young and old. This  uplifting oil has an overall balancing effect which extends to the skin,  helping to stabilize both oily and dry skin and to keep skin supple.  This oil is also widely cherished as a powerful assistant in promoting  ease and grace during a woman's monthly cycle. Calming and grounding,  rose geranium helps to reduce feelings of stress and worry. Its  balancing effect on the body and mind makes rose geranium an excellent  choice to uplift mood and to promote feelings of well-being. Widely  considered a tonic oil, or an oil that adds strength to the body, its  stimulating properties lift the spirit and promote sensual feelings. (Read more.)