The secret of timeless, ageless beauty is in your lifestyle and diet, as well as in what you put on your face. So when I found the card (above) I had to share it. I would also like to share some tips on maintaining one's mental health and emotional equilibrium. When a woman has many people who rely on her for their well-being, it is important for her to protect herself emotionally from those who would drag her down. It is not being selfish to have boundaries. To quote:

5 things I did that improved my mental health in the last 1 year

1. I realized my worth. It was so hard because it meant letting go of  those who didn’t. And those were the people that I loved. It hurt so  bad. When the ropes that tied them to me were cut, I got cut too. I  bled. It hurt. But then those wounds healed like they always do. And  Now? I am free. 

2. I started taking care of myself and that  involved going back to the things I learned as a child. Brush your  teeth. Take a shower. Sleep on time. Sleep enough. Drink loads of water.  Walk. Let your skin shower in sunlight. I keep a habit tracker. It’s  simple. It lets me be conscious of my daily needs and whether or not I  am fulfilling them. 

3. I learned that you don’t always have to  respond. To what people say, to that person texting you after 8 months  of complete silence, to negative comments, to accusations. It doesn’t  make you a coward. Not in the least. What it really does is, is let you  be at peace. But the hard part? I also learned that you don’t always  have to respond to ‘I love you’ either. 

4. I learned to not be  extreme. Yes I don’t want to do anything with them. But do I need to  burn their letters? Delete all pictures? Even when I’m not sure how that  will make me feel in the long run? No. I learned to store it all away  in a place I wouldn’t touch until I wanted to. It’s been a year. I  haven’t once touched. It works for all aspects of life. Had a bad  day at work? Do you just yell and quit? No. Have 100 bad days at work  where they don’t respect you but still continue to be silent and work?  No any extreme isn’t good. 

5. Food is important. So important.  They just don’t say ‘you are what you eat’ to sound silly. Food is  literally you putting something in yourself. You gotta be more mindful  of what, when and how much you’re putting in. Don’t restrict yourself.  But don’t not monitor yourself either. (Read more.)