Frankincense is an ancient aromatic resin that comes from the Boswellia tree. In Christian tradition it is associated with Epiphany and is one of the three mystic gifts brought to the Child Jesus. Among its many uses has been as liturgical incense. I decided to add frankincense essential oil to the Midnight Bouquet Night Cream when I heard that it helps to fade age spots. From Wellness Mama:

This powerful remedy comes from the Boswellia tree native to the  southern Arabian peninsula (especially Oman and Yemen), northeast  Africa, and parts of India. Long prized for its strongly spicy, woodsy  aroma when burned or extracted, raw frankincense is still harvested much  as it was thousands of years ago. There are different varieties  of Boswellia trees, but most resins (and the oils that come from them)  belong to the Boswellia carterii species (also called the Boswellia  sacra) found in Oman, Yemen, and surrounding areas. Other varieties  include Boswellia frereana (from Somalia) and Boswellia serrata (from  India).  

Boswellia trees are small, scrubby, and have the ability to grow well  in dry, rocky areas. To harvest, farmers strategically cut the bark in  light horizontal lines. A milky sap oozes out in the shape of small  “tears,” or droplets. This can only be done two or three times a year  without damaging the tree. After a few years the tree must be given a  period of rest to regenerate.Once the sap droplets dry on the  tree, they are scraped off and allowed to harden completely over a  period of time. This dried sap, or resin, looks like irregularly shaped,  glossy, and slightly transparent stones.The larger and lighter  the resin, the better the quality. The purest (and most expensive)  frankincense resin is almost white and comes from the second “bleeding”  of the tree–and even then only under the right weather conditions. We in  the Western world typically see lower quality frankincense, which is  golden or amber.  (Read more.)

According to Organic Facts:

 This is an interesting property of Frankincense Oil, and since skin health and anti-aging  are such hot topics these days, this essential oil has become even more  important! When applied topically or inhaled, it can make the scars and  after marks of boils,  acne and pox on the skin fade at a much faster rate. This also includes  the fading of stretch marks, surgery marks, and fat cracks associated  with pregnancy and delivery of children. (Read more.)