• Autumn Skin Care

    As the season changes, your skin care routine must change with it!
  • Bold Eye Trends

    While we do not sell or recommend any particular brand of cosmetics, it is fun to explore the trends of the new season!
  • The Magic of Essential Oils

    Essential oils can be found in all the Trianon Bouquet beauty products. The benefits of the various oils, especially for aging skin, are many.
  • Water Spinach Crêpes with Coconut Cream Sauce Recipe

    Coconut is great in food as well as on your face!
  • 25 Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

    Is taking care of yourself vanity? No, especially if you have people who rely on you. Being your best helps you with the work you have been given. Women today are taking better care of themselves as they age, by exercising, dieting, and having a skincare regimen.
  • Cleansing with Oil

    "When I first started using Oil Cleansing, I had an adjustment period where my skin got worse for about a week. Most resources I’ve seen suggest that this is a detox reaction as impurities are pulled from the skin, and this is definitely what it seemed to be for me. After that, my skin gradually improved and by 3-4 weeks of using only oil cleansing, I had no excess oil, no dry skin, and no blackheads…I cringe when I think of the dozens of chemical laden products I used, especially in high school, to try to keep my acne under control! The skin care industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it seems that the best solution is one of the most simple, inexpensive, and easy!" ~from Wellness Mama
  • Challenging the Beauty Standard

    I love stories of women who have started successful businesses through their own hard work, creativity and resourcefulness.
  • A Magic Combination

    Both olive oil and coconut oil have incredible benefits which is why I combine them in my creams.
  • Age Spots

    As the skin ages it often becomes more sensitive which is why the gentle effectiveness of natural remedies are preferred by many.
  • Summer Skin Care

    The days when ladies guarded their skin with veils and broad-brimmed hats are in the past. With the rise in skin cancer it is more important than ever to use protective skin care products.

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